The reality of graduate and postdoctoral training today is very different from the environment into which many faculty, and even postdocs, entered when they began their academic careers. Many grad students and postdocs today know that they will not continue onto tenure-track positions.

We know that the changing realities of the biomedical workforce place faculty in a difficult position. Many mentors wish to support their trainees as they consider and explore their career options, but have limited time and tools to do so. We would like to understand the challenges, needs and concerns of UCSF faculty, and we hope to build tools and resources to support them in their roles as mentors. If you would like to help us in this endeavor, we invite you to contact us at MIND@ucsf.edu, or to contact any of the Principal Investigators for the project:

Jennie Dorman (Jennie.Dorman@ucsf.edu)
Bill Lindstaedt (Bill.Lindstaedt@ucsf.edu)
Terri O'Brien (OBrienTC@medsch.ucsf.edu)
Keith Yamamoto (Yamamoto@medsch.ucsf.edu)